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1968 Oral Histories-Liberal Arts LA197

I voluntarily agree to participate in the [1968 Oral History Interview] for the Remembering Moments of Change ’68: LA 197. I acknowledge that the College of the Liberal Arts, part of the Pennsylvania State University, acquires oral history interviews with the intent of making them available to users for an ongoing or indefinite period of time. I understand that to accomplish this, the following items may be created from my interview:

  • a preservation master copy and use copies of the recording
  • reformatted copies of the recording that meet changing technological and archival standards
  • an edited script and summary
  • a current photograph of me
  • copies of any personal documents or additional photos I wish to share during the interview

Copyright and Licensing

Copyrights and rights of reproduction in and to these materials will be governed by United States copyright law.

I authorize the Pennsylvania State University to record on film, videotape, hard drive or otherwise, my name, likeness, image, voice and performance, and any materials (such as videotapes, photographs, soundtracks, etc.) or locations I make available. The Pennsylvania State University may edit and use such recordings and may authorize others to use these recordings for research, teaching, broadcast or cablecast anywhere, closed circuit or otherwise, for audio-visual purposes and for other similar purposes, including the use on the Internet, for as long and/or as often as is deemed necessary by the Pennsylvania State University. My name, likeness, voice and biography, as well as excerpts of the recordings, may be used for publicizing and promoting such uses of the recordings.

I hereby transfer my copyright to the Pennsylvania State University, which grants me a non-exclusive license for the complete and unrestricted right to reproduce, publish, broadcast, transmit, perform or adapt the interview.

I hereby release the Pennsylvania State University, the interviewer, and the course support staff who show or distribute the above-named recordings or portions thereof from any claim by me for damage to my person, property, or reputation, or for invasion of privacy.


No term or provision of this agreement shall be interpreted to limit or restrict the fair use rights of the College of the Liberal Arts, the Pennsylvania State University, or patrons or users of the materials as provided by U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S.C. (“Fair Use Rights”).

The Pennsylvania State University may direct patrons requesting to use the interview for commercial purposes or purposes not allowed under Fair Use (Section 107, Title 17, U.S. Copyright Code), to the PSU Copyright Officer via email:

Unless otherwise specified above, I place no restrictions on access to and use of the interviews. I have read and agree to the Pennsylvania State University ’s Oral History Use Policy, which outlines the current and likely future uses of interviews donated to the Pennsylvania State University’s Oral History collection.